The 7 Best Places to Order Checks Online in 2022


Triston Martin

Nov 25, 2023

Despite the advent of debit cards and online shopping, checks are an integral part of our financial life for business and personal life. When you first open a bank account, banks give you a free starter pack of checks. After that, when you run out, you are your own, and restocking them is a sizable expense.

Ordering checks from your bank is not a good option as it is the expensive one. Luckily, you can order them online from a reputable company as an affordable alternative. There are some top companies that offer outstanding features and are cheaper than banks. You can get personal checks and business checks. To help you get started, we have covered the 7 best places to order checks online. Read on to discover their fun features, pricing details, and more.

Top 7 Places to buy Checks Online

The price of checks varies from company to company, but you will get the cheaper option compared to what you get from the bank. Read to find out the best place to order your check online.

1. Checks in The Mail

The Checks in the Mail is the leading and reputable company. The company sells over a billion checks a year to customers. Moreover, this low-cost online seller offers personal and business checks. The starting price is $25.25 for 100 single checks and $7.25 for 25 duplicate checks with some designs. Moreover, it has top security features and is affordable. Check in the Mail features more than 200 check styles and offers fast shipping &' delivery.

2. Costco Checks

When you buy checks from Costco Checks, you are guaranteed free delivery and high security. This company is the most secure company that offers an excellent selection of options. It provides personal, business, and high-security checks. Another perk of this company is that you can save 20% if you are a member. The lowest price is $18.14 for a box of 200 basic checks. While if you are a Gold Star/Business Member, you can get 200 single checks for $29.03.

3. Walmart Checks

Ordering checks from Walmart Checks is fast as it has the best customer service and offers free standard delivery. This company is best for customization as it provides designer checks that include pop culture character designs.

The affordable pricing of Walmart Checks starts from $7.46 for 150 single checks and $8.46 for 150 duplicate checks. In addition, you can customize your check. So, if you're looking for a secure &' affordable place to order checks and a variety of designs, check out Walmart Checks.

4. Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited, the best for specialty checks &' security options, is providing quality service to its more than 50 million customers. The company offers printed checks via the Mail and allows you to access the best prices available. You can get 100 single checks just for $18.99, and the price is $24.99 for 100 duplicate checks.

Furthermore, it offers regular discounts and deals available like 50% off that allow you to save more money. If you want to make sure that your checks are 100% safe and inexpensive with free shipping, consider Checks Unlimited for it.

5. Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks is the best online seller of the business and personal checks that gives 125 checks for $6.99. No one can beat this company in value and trusted service. Apart from checks, it sells chequebook covers, deposit tickets, and coin sleeves. You can order 150 business checks for just $19.95. Also, you can customize your checks by choosing plenty of options and uploading your own photo.

Carousel Checks is an excellent option for those looking for the best deals and reasonable prices. However, it takes two to three weeks to deliver the checks. So, if you are not in a hurry, order your checks from this trusted company to save your money.

6. Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange is another trusted company that has over 800 exclusive designs. This company is well-known for its outstanding customer support that is available 24/7. Also, its site is easy to navigate with clear information.

The high quality of checks and popular character designs make them the best. The company advertises up to 70% off bank check prices. The pricing starts from $19.95 for 120 single checks. However, you can get free deposit slips from Bradford Exchange.

7. Check Advantage

Last but certainly not least, Check Advantage is a high-quality check ordering site with more than 2500 design options. Check Advantage pricing starts from $14.65 for 150 single checks and $17.80 for 120 duplicate checks. It offers an on-time guarantee that your order will be shipped within three business days. Shipping is free for personal order checks. if you want fast, accurate service with a wide selection of designs, go for Check Advantage.

The Bottom Line

There you have it- 7 top places to order checks online in 2022. You can order your checks from any companies mentioned above that suit your needs. While ordering checks online, choose a company that is trusted and affordable. It's good to see through the features and pricing details of the company before making a decision to worth your money.

Do you know any other best company that sells online checks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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