What Is a Voided Check, and How Does It Work?


Triston Martin

Feb 05, 2024

A void check is a check that can't be used for payments. The notation of "void" is written on the front of the check to make it unfit for any transaction. The word VOID is handwritten or printed on the check. The voided check is used to set up a direct deposit and to make it secure.

You must be wondering about the questions arising in your mind- when to use a voided check? How does it work? Why do I need a voided check? No worries. In this blog post, you'll get to know about the voided check in detail. Read on to learn everything you need to know about voided checks.

What is a Voided Check?

A voided check is a paper check having all of your bank & account's information. Only it has the word VOID written on it in large letters. It is a check that has been cancelled and cannot be used for any transaction. Voiding a check means disabling the check which is no longer valid. It prevents anyone from filling the check and offering any monetary value.

For example, if your company requires a check with your account information to set up direct deposit, you can give a voided check. In this way, no one would be able to use it because it has been disabled or voided.

How to void a check?

First of all, never give someone a blank check and treat it like cash. Instead, give a void check. It is easy to void a check. Take a check out of your chequebook, grab a blue or black pen, and write the void in the capital letters across the front. While writing, make sure to cover the whole face of the check except the account details at the bottom. The thicker and dark the word void is, the more it will be difficult to erase or cover its mark.

After that, it is wise to write the voided check number as a record in your check register to keep remembering. Also, make a copy of that voided check because it is good enough to use for multiple situations. Moreover, we advise you to don't sign a voided check to keep your account safe & protected.

Reasons for voiding a check

A voided check is used for your bank account information because it has the detail, including your ABA Routing number, bank address, and account number. It is used to make an electronic link with your bank account. It ensures that no one can use it to withdraw money from your account. You can use a voided check in multiple scenarios. Some of the common ones are mentioned below.

1. For direct deposit

Direct deposit is a great way to get paid faster instead of writing checks. For it, your employer will need your bank account information, including routing number and bank account number. So, you'll provide a voided check to provide this information. In this way, you will get paid each month electronically on payday.

2. To set up automatic electronic payments

The other common usage of the voided check is to make direct payments electronically for personal use or business purposes. For example, if you run a company or a business, your agents or dealers may prefer online payments rather than through a check. Then, voiding a check will be required to set up direct payments instead of you having to send a check.

3. Regular bill payments

If you want to stop writing checks for recurring expenses like bill payments, rent, mortgage, insurance, or car loan, you have to submit a voided check to set up regular bill payments from your account.

4. To cover up a mistake

After filling out a check, void the check by writing VOID on it and shred it if you notice some mistakes like the wrong date, amount, or any other error. It is the only way to prevent risk and give yourself peace of mind.

Alternatives to a check

Nowadays, the use of paper checks is lower, and mostly checking accounts don't offer paper checks. Also, the company asks for a printed document instead of a check to lower the chances of fraud and error. You can try out the following options to set up payments or direct deposits in this situation.

Deposit slip

Deposit slips possess your bank routing number and account number. If your bank offers this slip, use it in a place for a voided check.

Submit Bank details online

When paying bill payments online, you can do it by accessing online banking. Here, you'll get all your bank account details.

Counter check

Most banks give a counter check instead of a chequebook. However, banks charge a small fee for counter checks. You can void this single check for your need. Also, you can print it on demand from a local branch.

The Bottom line

There you have it- every detail of voided check you need to know. Voided checks serve a significant role in direct deposits, regular payments, and transactions. It is a way that will help you to avoid problems and saves your time writing checks. It is a lot easier to void a check to make it disable. So, try this convenient way whenever you need information for electronic payments.

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